About Us

CoELIB Centre builds on existing knowledge and capacity to foster innovation and business-oriented actions. We recognize that a collection of individuals, assets and other resources do not yet constitute a potent organization that can make an impact on livelihoods. Therefore, we harness capabilities into a sustainable organizational form that can contribute to the well-being of people for inclusive socio-economic development.


  • Harmony with National and International Academic and Research obligations;
  • Knowledge transfer that is beneficial to all;
  • Uphold Intellectual Property Rights
  • Spearhead Business Development for start-ups and incubation of concepts; and
  • Training of technology users and technology developers for sustainability and advancement. 
CoELIB constitutes two buildings: Administration building and the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Business (HuB). The HuB is a space for innovation, and it offers new ways of work, a variety of physical spaces for collaboration and a group of people who can help the youth to learn, assess, research and explore their business ideas. The HuB consists of: - Collaboration Space (Hub partners and guests are welcome to co-work in this open, café-style area), Workstations (Counter height seating), Flex space (This modular workspace can also be used for meetings and events), Focus rooms (Three quiet places perfect for working alone or in small groups), Studio for Professional Advancement, Conference room, Workspace and a café. Interesting, CoELIB has a well-equipped studio that is used for audio and video production.

In addition to above facilities, due to its location within the Egerton University main campus, CoELIB has access to accommodation, catering, recreational and conference facilities that can accommodate over 500 people and has some arrangement with the ARC Hotel within campus to provide accommodation, catering and conference facilities. CoELIB has also access to facilities within Nakuru Town Campus College. Its location and proximity to our neighboring counties makes it a centre with capacity to implement its three pillars and strengthen the entrepreneurial, research and innovation ecosystems. Egerton University has Memoranda of Understanding with several public and private sector institutions in Kenya, the region and the world and these are used to attract more partners for CoELIB. CoELIB has an office at the Agrobusiness Park 71, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

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