Research, Development and Commercialisation

CoELIB has expanded the production of knowledge relevant to the growth and productivity of business ventures. The Centre is not in the business of developing knowledge for the sake of knowledge. CoELIB contributes to the application of knowledge derived from research to address the most pressing problems in society.

Research grant fund administration

CoELIB is establishing a research grant to raise funds for supporting research projects by Egerton University researchers and scientist in priority research areas relevant to the business ecosystem. CoELIB focuses on formulating research proposals aimed at attracting partners, financial resources and additional human capacity to develop its research management and knowledge production capacity. In addition, the Centre is establishing the operational systems to manage large and small collaborative research projects including research proposal development, project administration, tracking deliverables, and reporting, financial management and budget control.

Contract research

CoELIB facilitates contract research. Its role is to link researchers and scientists to research project opportunities and to administer the research projects.

Commercialisation of technology and product innovations

CoELIB is developing a range of services to support technology, product and business development from concept to prototyping and finally, commercialization. This involves supporting the process of opportunity identification, idea generation, feasibility and viability studies, technical studies and market entry strategies.